Elements Works SRL

Elements Works is launching a crowdfunding campaign on the Opstart platform. Visit the dedicated page for more details!

The revolutionary netH2O platform for buoys, marine drones and marine energy power take off systems is here! See our Pilot projects page for further information on our activitie, or "About" above for information on Elements Works SRL.

The netH2O platform includes buoys, marine powertrains and (very soon) drones.

The main application of the netH2O Power systems (and the accompanying Smart Mini Barge) is to community microgrids.

Their main application of the netH2O Buoy systems is to unattended, autonomous data collection from water bodies, the securing of the collected data (possibly using blockchain) and the "serving" of the secured data to users/stakeholders. netH2O is in continuous evolution and development, with new versions and applications being added almost daily. You can have a glimpse from the menu items above.

State of the art technology and the four elements: an explosive mix which gives birth to unique projects. 



 The Smart Mini Barge, represented below, is a state of the art semi-autonomous system developed by Elements Works to install and remove our P50 powertrain from the H24 wave energy converter by 40South Energy.