netH2O-P : smart buoy application to beach resorts, swimming areas, dive spots, surf spots

The netH2O is the perfect companion to environmental and safety conscious beach resorts. Additionally, the buoy's outer shell is made of 100% recyclable plastic, and it has an extremely small carbon footprint as it requires basically no maintenance and very little energy. 

The buoy is equipped with GPS for georeferentiation, and with an inertial motion unit (IMU) with which it can estimate waves and currents. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the Cloud, and from there can be accessed by final users.

You can use the buoy also for your personal sports or professional diving activity.

The buoy, with the "Security" module, is equipped with a button easy to press by swimmers in difficulty, which triggers an emergency. The emergency signal is sent to a receiving station to be positioned in land using the LoRa wireless radio standard, which is extremely robust also in difficult environmental condisions and has a range which can reach a few kilometers. The station on land can be hooked to the Internet, or it can send an SMS to alist of mobile numbers, depending on the arrangement that the operator chooses.

We are also developing an AI system (experimental at the time of writing), which listens to calls for help and triggers the emergency if it hears one, even in the absence of a press of the emergency button.

For diving spots, the buoy can be equipped with an "Underwater Webcam" module, pointing downwards from the bottom of the buoy, with which the operators can monitor divers during decompression. Or additionally, it can be equipped with a "Mooring" module, which allows the diving boat to moor to the buoy itslef. 

And recall that the buoy measures temperature and estimates waves and currents, so that beach users (or surfers, or divers) can know the water conditions even from their home.