netH2O: smart buoy to monitor fishing lakes

Climate change is having many effects on our daily lives, and one of them is the decrease in oxygen in fishing lakes.

When oxygen levels became too low, fish can die very quickly, causing significant economical and logistical damage to the activity and degrading the ecological quality of the lake.

Fortunately, if a monitoring program is in place, it is possible to take preemptive action when oxygen level is expected to go below acceptable values, like installing a temporary oxygenator, or pumping or letting in water from another reservoir or a river.

With our netH2O smart buoys the task of monitoring is completely offloaded to the buoy, which is autonomous and needs very little maintenance. When levels reach a predetermined threshold, the buoy will signal it to the operators (via email, or via any other method that you prefer). Besides, we can use the time series from the buoy to try and predict future oxygen levels (using artificial intelligence, or AI) as an added support in the decision to implement precautionary measures.

The buoy is so cheap that it repays it in just one season (if you consider all the manual measurements that it saves) and of course if it helps in preventing a catastrophic killing of fish from low oxygen levels, its value gets repaid many times over.