netH2O: mooring buoy and anchor buoy 4.0

As a mooring buoy, the netH2O can monitor loads on the mooring line, and send automatically a warning if loads exceed a predetermined value. Using Artificial Intelligence, it can also make a prediction on future loads and send a warning if the forecast loads are excessive!

The netH2O can also send a warning when the boat detaches from the mooring (or the mooring detaches from its fixed point), which can be invaluable when, for example, you are sleeping in the boat at sea or you are away from the boat.

An netH2O smart buoy can be used as an advanced, connected anchor buoy.

As an anchor buoy, the netH2O is equipped with sensors to monitor waves and currents and water temperature, and to signal any movement made by the anchor (as measured using GPS).

The netH2O in this case is equipped also with an underwater webcam to take a look at any time at the underwater environment around the anchor (where depth and visibility allow), connected to the boat with WiFi.

The possibility to look at the anchor and to monitor all its movements increases security and improves operations of the boat.

If you want a different configuration non available among the predefined ones, please contact us.