About Us

Elements Community is a "community of communities" which brings together Elements People and participating businesses and initiatives. The common goal of all the members is to access state of the art technology to foster sustainable activities and development, in an inclusive way community by community. This is done via the promotion of local crafts and activities and also via the financing, deployment and sharing of innovative technologies and services. Sharing initiatives, crowdfunding and joint ownership are some of the tools used.

Elements Community Maps Service and POI Marketplace

ECMS includes precision bathymetries (maps of the sea, river or lake bottom) which can be useful for many purposes, like for example fishing. The POI Marketplace allows Elements Community members to share their Points of Interest with the rest of the community, for a price determined case by case. Some POIs (like a good fishing spot) can be very valuable..!

Blu Marina by Elements

The BMBE projects are community microgrids, containing state of the art technologies in energy generation (like wave energy converters) or in mobility (like electric cars and charging stations). Booking services for e-mobility solutions will be added soon. These projects lend themselves perfectly to crowdfunding.

Diving and Marine Services

Diving expeditions are promoted in a way which emphasizes environmental awareness. Diving courses are offered, with a special attention to marine biology and a study of the marine ecosystem.

The team from Elements Works can also provide advanced marine services: not only bathymetries but also environmental impact assessments, underwater operations, direct or remote monitoring etc. Write to info at elements .works for enquiries.

Elements Community e-commerce portal

The portal at www.elements.community is used to sell the above mentioned services and products but can also act as a promoter to a global audience for local crafts and activities.