About Us and Press

Elements Community is a "community of communities" which brings together Elements People and participating businesses and initiatives, starting from the founder Elements Works SRL. The common goal of all the members is to access state of the art, innovative technology to foster sustainable activities and development, in an inclusive way community by community. 


Marine engineering projects, Scientific diving and Marine Services

These can be community microgrids, containing state of the art technologies in energy generation (like wave energy converters) or in mobility (like electric cars and charging stations). These projects lend themselves perfectly to crowdfunding.

Scientific diving for professional, environmental or educational uses.

The team from Elements Works can also provide advanced marine services: not only bathymetries but also environmental impact assessments, underwater operations, direct or remote monitoring etc. Write to info at elements .works for enquiries.

Stingerbend Seapool

StingerBend sea pol was invented by Elements Works SRL to solve the main problems of older approaches, which simply hung a fishing net to an oversized row of floaters. StingerBend disrupts this tradition,  thanks to a revolutionary geometry.

Its design (patent pending) is based on more than a decade of experience in the application of sophisticated techniques and technologies to the underwater world.

Elements Works has a long experience in marine deployments and technologies (www.elements.works) and has already built and deployed jellyfish nets in various sites.

Elements Community e-commerce portal

The portal at www.elements.community is available to interested parties as a means to sell products and service that fall within its scope.


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