netH2O: periodic inspection and analysis of remote sites, emergency operations

The netH2O are perfect for periodic inspection or analysis of remote sites.

The buoy can be setup at headquarters, complete of sensors, storage and communications equipment, so inspection may be performed also by non specialised personnel, who just drops it into the water, waits the required time for data acquisition and transmission, and then retrieves it.

The use of netH2O can bring huge savings to agencies or companies tasked with periodic monitoring of remote sites, allowing at the same time much more frequent inspections. 

The sensors can be for chemical, biological or physical elements, and can be provided by us or can be an integration in the netH2O of sensors from the final user: in this case please contact us and we will be happy to perform a feasibility study for the integration.

You can use the netH2O also to perform real time monitoring of the water quality in temporary work spaces, like remote construction sites or emergency operations with risk of contamination or pollution.

In an emergency situation, the netH2O can provide an instant water analysis monitoring hub, transmitting in real time to the operators the water conditions and warning of possible risks. Operators don't need to be (or in some cases, can't be) skilled in water analysis and water contamination risk assessment, so that the netH2O can do the job for them, possibly transmitting the data directly to specialised personnel who can assess remotely the level of risk and advise accordingly the teams on the ground.