netH2O B180 Buoy

netH2O B180 Buoy


The netH2O B180 Buoy is a modular and expandable smart buoy, with its outer shell made of 100% recyclable plastic. It is simple, sturdy an cheap, can be operated by non technical personnel and at checkout you can find the option to pay for it with the ETHEREUM cryptocurrency! Please go to the netH2O platform page for a more in depth description. 

For fishing lakes, the netH2O B125 Buoy is more indicated.

In fish-farming, mussels farming, ports and marinas, water basins, desalination plants or in swimmers security, the netH2O has the robustness and simplicity of use to be integrated seamlessly in the daily workflow.

All versions have a temperature sensor, a GPS and an inertial Motion Unit with which they can estimate waves and currents, WiFi, Lora and Cellular (3G/2G) comms. 

The buoy is charged on its base or with a Lithium battery charger for 24V batteries, and due to its small form factor it can be easily lifted out of the water for a quick clean up of its sensors. 

"Solar PV" module: solar PV panels are added to the top part of the buoy. 

"Photo" module: three digital cameras pointing in the three directions (120 degrees from each other). The photos can be taken after a remote instruction, or autonomously on the basis of the acoustic monitoring system. 

"Security" module: the buoy is equipped with a button easy to press by swimmers in difficulty, which triggers an emergency, and one LoRa receiving station to be positioned in land within LoRa range of the buoy. An AI system (experimental at the time of writing) triggers the emergency if it hears a call for help. Further features and details in the netH2O platform page

"Mooring" module: mooring point added to the top part of the buoy. The buoy can take a load of up to 1000Kg, and identifies the presence of a moored boat (and the duration of the mooring).

"Salinity sensor" module: salinity sensor (induction device). This is useful in locations near the transition fresh water/salt water, or where there are underwater freshwater springs, or where it is important to monitor the effect of rains or river outflow at sea. 

"Underwater webcam" module. Very useful in applications, like fishfarming, in which it is necessary to monitor the underwater behaviour of fish. It is useful also in diving spots, to monitor divers while they descend, and, more importantly, when they are doing decompression at the end of the dive.  Further features and details in the netH2O platform page

"Dissolved oxygen sensor" module. This is useful in locations where the vitality and quality of the product depends on the amount of oxygen in the water, or where it is important to monitor and identify events of reduced oxygenation of the water (maybe due to algal blooms). 

"Chlorophyll-A sensor" module: a Cyclops 7F (R) Chlorophyll-A sensor by Turner Designs. This state of the art optical sensor can be useful in locations where you want to monitor water quality, in particular the insurgence of harmful algal blooms (HAB). 

 "Acoustic monitoring" function: with this option the buoy can estimate the position of motorboats in the vicinity and act accordingly. Please notice that this function is still experimental at the time of writing. 


Prices are subject to change without notice (due to the extreme variability of prices of raw materials). As the netH2O Buoy are currently built-to-order, you should expect a few weeks from payment to receive the email confirming that the buoy is ready for shipment. All prices net of VAT, which will be applied at checkout. Shipment prices computed at checkout. If your country is not listed, you can arrange for pickup with your own courier (please wait for confirmation email with indication of date) or you can contact us and we'll quote the shipping price for your location.