Community microgrids

Elements Works was created back in 2014 to develop community microgrids based on innovative energy sources, including wave energy where available. The "format" is that of "Blue Marina by Elements", an energetically self-contained marina powered by innovation. 


Elements Works SRL developed the first wave and tidal energy project to an Italian coastal community: the Marina di Pisa HWEP-IT1.
The machine has been installed on November 12th, 2015 and is now active. The installation has been sold to Enel Green Power on November 2016.

The acronym HWEP stands for “H-machines composed Water Energy Park”. The Marina di Pisa HWEP1 contains one generating set based on H24 machines (developed by 40South Energy), rated at 49,5kW.

O&M has been taken care of by Elements Works from the beginning (for 40South Energy Srl) and is currently being carried out for 40South Energy Italia and Enel Green Power. The project served as a pilot.


During 2018 Elements Works operated the H24-50 machine in the site to put the first electricity generated from ocean waves into the Italian grid. When this happened, the machine was the property of Enel Green Power. You can have more details from this LinkedIn post