Four netH2O buoy-drones are deployed in the Gulf of Trieste

Four netH2O buoy-drones are deployed in the Gulf of Trieste, supporting mussels farmers in their job! The netH2O have been designed, built and delivered by Elements Works. Deployment at sea and mooring has been carried out by local mussels farmers on their own. These units incorporate the Elements Works revolutionary (patent pending) method to avoid biofouling of sensors.

These netH2O are a hybrid between a buoy, a drone and an IoT sensor array, collecting data on dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature and chlorophyll. They operate in synergy with an AI-powered back-end which processes their data, space data from satellite via the Copernicus service and public data from the Friuli Venezia Giulia institutional sensor array, to produce predictions on the amount of okadaic acid to be expected inside the mussels.

 Here making some last minute checks


And here two units loaded on one of the mussel farmers small boats, for deployment.


The same boat moved in river Timavo, prior to going out to deploy the netH2Os

If you are interested in something similar for your mussels farm, for your fishfarming activity, for a research project or for a remote monitoring activity, please use the contact form on the site to reach out to us!