StingerBend Jellyfish nets

StingerBend Jellyfish nets


Our nets are an inexpensive solution to the problem of Jellyfish. They can be provided "turnkey" (complete of first installation and handling instructions), are inconspicuous, and are easily handled by the local personnel without the need for Elements Works intervention.

A Stinger Bend SBJ150 25m long sea pool complete kit, to install a system on a sandy or on a rocky bottom, capable of adapting to water up to 1.5m deep. The kit does not include the small mooring weights (you can use small anchors or a 10Kg weight positioned under the sand, for example).

Choose the variant by selecting the number of lanes. Price displayed is for one lane (SBJ150-25m-1).

Contact us for more variants, payment options and shipping details. Photos are not representative of the actual model chosen.