netH2O: Calafuria-GlobalService

This netH2O personal smart buoy, sponsored by Global Service for Associazione Costiera di Calafuria, will be positioned on a water depth of approximately 13m. Italia location is close to "Grotta del Grongo", one of the most famous diving spots in the "Magic mile" south of Livorno. This buoy is equipped with several accessories, including webcam, solar panels, and an oversized floating component and mooring system, to use the buoy also as a mooring point for diving boats.

The site is ideally located for the positioning of a scientific buoy, which can also mitigate the environmental pressure from recreational diving activities.

Global Service, sponsor of the initiative, asked Elements Works to design, build and install a complete system based on the netH2O, which then Global Service offers for free to Associazione Costiera di Calafuria.

To preserve the seafloor, Elements Works has used for this netH2O a mooring based on immersed tensioned buoys (jumpers). This system avoids completely the problem of abrasion of the sea floor from mooring lines. The jumpers, placed at 5m depth, can also be used by divers for a stop during their ascent.

This netH2O can signal the presence of moored boats, and measures the water temperature, direction and intensity of currents and waves. An underwater module, linked to the surface one by cable, is equipped with a webcam which transmits its "feed" via the internet. Elements Works then transmits the data to ISPRA and to Associazione Costiera di Calafuria.

Diving Centers, which can freely use the buoy for mooring, are involved in the cleaning of the sensors and in the monitoring on the mooring lines. The promoters o the initiative want to involve also schools in it, to increment the knowledge and the safeguarding of the territory by the population, in the spirit of "Citizen Science"